Monday, November 19, 2007

Still Here ... Really!

Just told at Tellabration! the other night. It went well, but I over-thought it. The story came out and people understood and enjoyed the different plot twists, but I didn't personally feel the same. I felt like I was reciting the story, and badly. I've actually gotten used to a much different feeling when I tell stories. It's like you and me were sitting around chatting, and I told you this great story I had just come across.
I think what happened was when I practiced it on Wednesday, I was missing details, so I went back and listened to the source. By Saturday, I had listened to it so many times, I was trying to tell it word for word the way my recording told it. It did not work well. I ended up losing all the stuff I had added to make it my own story. Like I said, though, it worked, just not as comfortably as I'm used to.
It didn't get recorded, either. I'll have to start bringing my own recording stuff again, so I can get more stories online. I had at one point thought of podcasting stories, as well. I'm not sure where I'll go with that idea. I'll probably try it at least once. Well, twice. Once without an audience, and once with.

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