Thursday, October 30, 2014

business plan... possibly???

So I want to be a storyteller -- a paid storyteller. I keep getting this feeling I need a business plan. Like I'll forget something that will cost me without it.The problem is, it seems like I'm not really on the create a business plan step yet. I've got a lot going on in my life still. I had the thought this morning that the business plan for now could legitimately be to continue exploring storytelling as a hobby.
I'm also realizing that as an artist, I need to create. I really love and wish for my tagline to be true. I really do want to be a wanderer, a listener, and then a storyteller. What I often do instead is worry about making money. I worry about how to make this a business. I worry about and wonder how to approach clients to tell stories to.
I'm the most free, however, when I am wandering aimlessly. I often find myself at the right place and right time. I find myself in awe of what I see and hear around me. I'm enraptured listening to my pedicure lady tell me about how she started her shop. I was overwhelmed to watch my nephew tell his first story on his first visit to the Story Guild in Olympia. I'm fascinated with the different story a book and a movie get to be.
I am literally most alive in front of a group telling them all those stories. Sometimes, I'm even making up the stories right there on the spot. Not making them up, as much as watching them come together in amazing ways that awe me as much as the audience. Writing down the stories is a close second!
So the business plan for now is more of that: more discovering and learning stories, more sharing them in as many ways as I can think up. Everything else will come from that place... from that Mitch.

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