Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Apples, Moons, Black Holes

I once had a book called How It Works. It was a large green book with bright orange pages just inside the cover. The book was filled with a number of modern inventions and a fairly decent description of how they worked. Those orange pages, however, at the beginning and end of the book, were filled with my scribbles and doodles. I don't remember doing this to any other book. In the top right corner at the front of the book I had at some point clearly identified the owner and myself:

Mitch Nelson, Future Scientist.

Factual. Solid. Irrefutable even.

So last year, I'm galavanting aimlessly around the internet. Absolutely no purpose in mind. This is fairly common for me, but can often be dangerous for the faint of heart! I came across the web site for the Discovery Center of Idaho. I've spent many a happy hour in similar places all over the northwest. Last March, as I sat in the lobby of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, I realized science had tons of stories. Stories I could tell. Stories I could tell at science centers!
So I'm going to try. At Tellabration! in Olympia, WA this year, I'll tell a story about Isaac Newton and the curiosity trail that really did start with a falling apple! Check out drafts and practice runs on my gleeby's story mill pages as the story comes to be!

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